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Pinwheel Partners LLC specializes in coaching and training leadership teams on seven elements that make up a winning culture. The thought leadership from Terry Cain and Steve Church is heavily influenced by 15 years of applying new knowledge that comes each season via the ASU Center for Services Leadership Symposium, as well as extensive experience in the Fortune 500 marketplace.  Now the principals at Pinwheel Partners, both Steve and Terry have been regular faculty at the Annual CSL Symposium, The Services Leadership Institute, as well as guest faculty in undergraduate and MBA classes.  They both are Emeritus board members of WP Carey Center for Services Leadership and enjoy the interaction of students, as well as participating in business events and conferences of all sizes.  Teamed together, they make the experience lively and unique for all audiences.


Steve Church

After leading the most profitable north American business unit as president, Steve was instrumental in starting the services business models within Avnet.  He held positions as Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Chief Human Resources Officer, Corporate Strategy Officer, Corporate Business Development Officer, and Chief Operational Excellence Officer.  His leadership drove global commitment to Avnet’s core values that was foundational to the growth of the company during a period of numerous acquisitions, driving consistency in the employee experience for all.

Steve lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and enjoys spending time with his three adult children and four grandchildren.

Phone: 602-300-8476


Terry Cain

Terry is passionate about building a business culture that serves with excellence.  His experience includes 30 Years in Fortune 500, Sales, Business Development, Process Mastery, Change Management and Customer Engagement.

After leading regional sales businesses within Avnet, Terry discovered a strong skillset and passion for starting new business development and strategies. Then as Vice President of Shared Business Services and Vice President of Global Operational Excellence, Terry drove change management, and employee led process improvement. His “dream position” as Vice President responsible for Global Customer Engagement led to the co-writing of the book, The Pinwheel.  Terry has numerous guest lecturer/speaker appearances including Kellogg at Northwestern, Eller at University of Arizona,  Argyle Leadership Events, Richmond events, NG Customer Experience and many others all focused on Customer culture.

Terry lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Rebecca, and enjoys time with his son and new daughter-in-law.

Phone: 602-315-5268



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