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Our mission is to make work-life better for people.

We do this by using the Pinwheel to help leaders focus on their culture. We translate Peter Drucker’s “culture eats strategy for lunch” to “culture is the most important asset of every organization.”

Remember that colorful childhood toy that spins?

Each vane of a pinwheel looks the same and catches the same wind, spinning the wheel around. If one vane is damaged, the pinwheel slows down or stops.

Many think of the pinwheel as a childhood diversion, but when you envision it as a metaphor for an organization’s CULTURE, it means much more.

In this book, Steve Church and Terry Cain define why they think that CULTURE is the most important asset of any organization. It includes great customer service, employee engagement, core values and more. Focusing on CULTURE will boost repeat business, and drive greater profitability.

Pinwheel Partners exists to assist organizations in building a healthy and sustainable culture of customer service excellence. We do this by prioritizing and applying the seven vanes of the Pinwheel. Learn how to plot a path toward aligning strategic goals with company culture. Help every employee understand the importance of great customer service and his or her role in delivering it with The Pinwheel.





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