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Endorsements and Praise for The Pinwheel

Steve and Terry have been my friends and colleagues for several decades, working together with me at Avnet for most of those years. They were instrumental in our success, most notably for their leadership in establishing “customer service” as our #2 core value(following integrity) globally.  During my 13 years as Chairman and CEO we grew the company from $6B to $26B+, and I am confident that would not have been possible without their persistent efforts to ensure we lived up to that core value. This book is based on their real world experiences and successes, which they are sharing to help you become a more effective leader.

– Roy Vallee,  former CEO and Chairman, Avnet, Inc.


As a services company challenged by how to improve your offering or a products company, transitioning to a service excellence culture, The Pinwheel is a must-read. To get your team on the same page and improve the service culture, everyone from the frontline to the C-suite needs to read this workbook. The Pinwheel’s great, firsthand, real-world stories, along with the learning associated with the examples, will provide the mortar for the foundation of any customer service–focused organization. The Pinwheel is the culmination of Steve and Terry having spent a lifetime developing the tools to transition their organization into one of the most service-centric companies in the world.

– Christopher Zane, founder and CEO, Zane’s Cycles and author, Reinventing the Wheel


While many organizations work tirelessly to align their objectives and measures to an overall strategy, there is often a missing ingredient. Without a service culture, organizations fall short of customer expectations, citing policy and procedures as the obstacles that prevent them from doing the right thing for their customers. A truly customer-centric organization has a service culture at its heart. If this was an easy task, there would be many more examples of companies growing as a result of their terrific customer service. The Pinwheel not only challenges us to create that powerful service culture within our organizations but also shows us the steps needed in this journey of continuous improvement.

– Adrian Paull, vice president, Honeywell


The power of thanks being a truly cultural enablement to success, it must be included in the vision and belief of any organization. As Steve and Terry tell their stories, simple wisdom comes to the surface for making a strong case for all elements of the Pinwheel.


Steve Church and Terry Cain hit the mark(s)! As they use this metaphor to establish the elements of culture, employee engagement is paramount to ensure success. This framework is easy to audit and begin again when a company has lost focus on what is most important.

– Derek Irvine, vice president, client strategy and consulting at Globoforce


As the CEO of a high-growth tech company, I believe that The Pinwheel is a much-needed tonic to the usual business book fluff. Terry and Steve’s vision of service excellence rings with authenticity.

– Max Israel, CEO, Customerville


As the President and CEO of a large non-profit, I can think of few priorities more important than plainly defining “Service Culture.” Terry Cain and Steve Church clearly identify the fuel that enables an organization to successfully execute this strategy without exhausting resources, thus ensuring engagement, adoption, and attainment of an organization’s objectives.

– David Adame, CEO, Chicanos Por La Causa


This book is helpful for anyone endeavoring to deliver a great customer experience through values and culture, regardless of whether their business is product, services, or software based.

– Lee Benson, CEO, Execute to Win (ETW)


The Pinwheel should be required reading for organizations trying to develop a service culture. It asks the right questions and provides a road map to successful transformation.

– Ed Petrocelli, president, Insight Group


When it comes to customer experience and culture, Terry Cain and Steve Church have a wealth of knowledge. Having been on the practitioner side and the consulting side of building renowned customer experience programs, they can help any organization zero in on weaknesses and turn them into customer experience strengths.

– Carine Clark, president and CEO, Go Banyan, Inc.


I can’t think of a better team than Church and Cain to develop and deliver what is an action-oriented, practical road map for guiding a bottoms-up service culture change in any organization.

– Steven W. Brown, Ph.D., Emeritus Edward Carson Chair and professor of marketing, Distinguished Scholar, Center for Services Leadership, W P Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, and strategic partner, The Insight Group


This book offers invaluable insights from global practitioners of service excellence. A strategic and practical guide with real examples that Steve and Terry implemented themselves at a global enterprise level. Great insights for small and large company alike.

– Eric Mosley, CEO and cofounder, Globoforce


With the ever-increasing use of social media and the Internet, the voice of customers has never been stronger. Consumers are no longer held hostage by any one product or company and their “viral” opinion can make or break your organization. Today represents the “Age of the Customer” and every business leader should promote a culture where all employees strive to become a “service hero” as outlined in this book. Terry Cain and Steve Church have shared their incredible experience and insight to clearly demonstrate what it takes to be a service company, and to provide the ultimate customer experience.

– Kim Taylor, CEO and president, iPro Tech


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