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At Pinwheel, we ask questions. We are not the ones with all the answers, but we have what we believe is a group of the right questions that business leaders need to be constantly asking, as their cultures evolve. We have joined with industry leaders that have many of the answers to elements that build and reinforce the customer and service-centric cultures. Please reach out to any of them, with our recommendation!


Customerville transforms customer experience surveys into rich, interactive experiences using its unique Design-driven Feedback™ platform. A pioneer in the CX field, Customerville fielded among the first real-time CX surveys on the internet. Today, feedback platforms powered by Customerville’s Design-driven Technology Stack™ can be found across a dozen industries, millions of customer interactions and in over 20 countries. Customerville’s award-winning CX platform elevates quality listening across the entire customer journey, blending technology, design and behavioral science to emulate how people naturally share and respond to feedback.


Execute to Win (ETW) helps organizations improve alignment to get better results through a proven practical application approach to leadership, strategy, execution and culture combined with the technology required to easily sustain and scale over the long run. Staying on top of the many complexities of making an organization successful takes extreme effort. Partnering with ETW and utilizing the Management Operating System will help you quickly align your organization with less than half the effort.



Pinwheel Recommended Resources

This group of thought leaders are just that…..great thinkers.  They are also great leaders in the Customer Experience arena. They don’t just think but have all made a difference with their books, websites, partnerships, education, events and communities.  We are happy to call them all by a different name:  friends.

Please take advantage of all of the “free stuff” that they continually develop for all of us!


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