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Pinwheel Service Offerings

Our Approach

Terry and Steve meet with management initially to listen, to understand goals and objectives, and determine the level of commitment of senior leaders to sponsor and lead change.  Based on mutual agreement regarding goals and outcomes, we can move forward.  Our work is delivered in workshops that include those individuals impacted by the results of the work.



We believe that the culture of an organization is its most important asset.  Our experience has taught us that an organization’s strategic imperatives are often defeated by its culture.  As Peter Drucker said several decades ago, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.  We can help your organization assess its current culture, and compare it to the strategic imperatives that have been identified as critical to the future success of your enterprise.  Our experience has taught us that in most scenarios either the strategies need to be modified, or the culture needs transformation, or both.  Where this is misalignment between strategy and culture, the strategies will be overcome by the existing culture, causing a loss of time and money.


Employee Engagement

Pinwheel Partners believes strongly in the Service Profit Chain, i.e. Leadership actions can result in engaged employees, who will deliver great and consistent customer experiences, leading to shareholder value creation.  We can assist your organization in identifying your current level of employee engagement, and working with you to systematically and continuously drive higher levels of employee engagement.  This is critical to your organization, because without engaged employees, delivering great customer experiences and successfully delivering services and solutions will be difficult if not impossible.


Customer Experience

At Pinwheel Partners, we believe that the seven vanes of the pinwheel represent the critical components for establishing and maintaining a culture of customer service excellence.  The seven components are Vision, Attitude, Knowledge/Skills, Systems/Processes, Accountability, Passion, and Integrity/Values.  We help your organization identify, in order of priority, the components required to establish your desired culture to serve customers.  We will assist your organization in working on the one or two components that will deliver the most impact initially, and then work through all of the seven vanes over time.  Once your organization has completed all seven, it’s time to start over again.


Change Management

All organizations must change and evolve to prosper and remain relevant.  However, initiating and managing change is a weakness in most organizations today.  Change initiatives can make total and complete sense; however, if not managed properly, they will ultimately fail.  We are trained in the process and principles of Prosci, the leader in change management.  We can assist your organization through the process of change, including the most important aspect of change, which is cultural.


Vision, Mission, Core Values

Most companies have some combination of a Vision Statement, a Mission Statement, Core Values, a Purpose Statement, etc.  These can be significant in providing guidance and direction to all employees if properly constructed, supported, and communicated.  However, unless your chosen statements are clear, concise, and relevant to your employees, they are just words.  We believe that employees support what they help create.  We can assist your organization in creating or revising your Vision, Mission, Core Values, etc. resulting in relevance and applicability to how your employees work and behave each day.


Cause or Purpose

At Pinwheel Partners we believe in a concept codified by the Dalai Lama in his book The Art of Happiness at Work. He postulated that employees come to work each day for one of three reasons: job, career, or cause.  All companies, given the choice, want their employees to work for cause or purpose.  However, many organizations have not thought about, or identified the cause or purpose that drives their employees to maximum passion and effort in their work.  We can assist your company in identifying and communicating your cause or purpose.



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